Numerous eye diseases if identified early can be cured or treated to avoid or slow down the loss in vision.
The most important step in stopping visual loss is by routine examination of eyes by a qualified eye care doctors. Children ought to get their first extensive eye examination between 4-5 years unless issues require a prior examination. Persons ages 20 to 40 ought to have an eye examination after two years, 40 to 60 like after every one year and after 60 it should be done every year if there are no visual issues.
Here at VinamraSwaraj hospital we provide the best surgical options, eye tests and treatments at high quality and cost effective prices. We are equipped with the best state of art technology with latest devices like variant digital visual chart, A-B Hi Scan, Autolensometer, Autorefractometer, Zeiss Yag laser, fundus camera, visual field perimeter, operating microscope, Corneal Pachymetry, Anterior Segment Digital Imaging System Pictures of instrument, High Speed Vitrectomy and Cold Phacoemulsification System. Thus these devices help our skilled ophthalmologist and support staff to treat patients with high accuracy.

Services Offered:
• Surgery for Cataract
• Phacoemulsification
• Surgery for Glaucoma
• Ophthalmoplastic Surgeries
• IOL Implant Surgery
• Pterygium Surgery with Graft
• Endoscopic Dacryocysto Rhinostomy
• Emergency Surgeries for Ocular injuries