According to WHO, diabetes is a chronic disease whichis basically a lifestyle disease and can be regulated by healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, and regular exercise. Diabetes can also be caused by genetic susceptibility, during infections and viruses and also infant feeding practices like early exposure to cow milk and cereal proteins.

In VinamraSwaraj hospital we provide all kind of treatment related Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2. Our department of Diabetology works closely with the other departments likes vascular surgery and ophthalmology to treat some of the eye and foot problem related to diabetes.

Services Offered:
• Out-Patient Diabetes Care
• In-Patient Diabetes Care
• Diabetic Dietetics Services
• Diabetic Education Services
• Metabolic Laboratory Services
• Diabetes Detection
• Pregnancy Diabetes Services
• Diabetic Eye Care Services
• Diabetic Foot Care Services
• Neuro Diabetology Services
• Nephro Diabetology Services
• Cardio-Diabetology Services